Practice and Lesson Locations

[Please call ahead to reserve a room]

177 Smith Street

Capacity: 2 people / private one-on-one lesssons

Equipment Available
*Digital Pianos and/or Keyboards available upon request
(1) Baldwin Acrosonic Upright 88 keys Acoustic Piano
(2) Fender Practice Guitar Amp Combo
(1) Yorkville Bass Amp Combo
(2) Fender Acoustic Guitar
(1) Fender Squire Stratocaster 3/4 size
(1) Fender Squire Jaguar Bass>
(1) Peavey Raptor Electric Guitar
(1) Laguna Electric with Floyd Rose Bridge
(1) Yamaha Steel String Acoustic 3/4 size
(1) Fender Steel String Acoustic
(1) Yamaha Classical Nylon String Guitar
(1) Left Handed Nylon String Guitar

Rock'Scool group lessons

(new location TBA)
Equipment Available
Full PA Sound System with monitors
(1) 12-channel Behringer audio mixer with effects
(5) Vocal Mics
Full acoustic drumset with cymbals and hardware
Full electronic drum pad set
(2) Conga drums on stand
(2) Fender Electric Combo Guitar Amps
(1) Fender Electric Bass Combo Amp

All locations provide a waiting room, heating and air-conditioning.